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We’re Loving The Hellebore

Calling all Melbourne flower lovers! If you spend your days obsessing over the blooms on your Insta feed like we do, you’ll love winter roses as much as we do.

We thought you might want to know what we're obsessing over at the moment. Flowers that bloom in winter are so magical, but there’s one in particular we can't get enough of, the hellebore.

There’s no denying that the depths of winter are well and truly upon us, and while we’re freezing our little bums off, there are a heap of reasons to love a Melbourne winter (besides mulled wine and being able to dress head to toe in black).

We’re loving Hellebores (say it like hell-e-bore), a gorgeous flower that thrives in winter. Known as the winter rose, florists like us are loving the dark plum hellebore which we keep seeing all over the melbourne flower market stalls.

These gorgeous thangs come in 17 varieties and you may have seen them in a whole range of colours like dark plum, vibrant yellows, bright whites and a whole heap of pinks. As if that wasn’t enough of a reason to love them, they are so amazingly diverse, you might see them either unadorned or with intricate patterns.

Besides having this gorg flower in your bunches, the green thumbs amongst us will be happy to hear that Hellebores are the perrrrfect choice if you are looking to add some beautiful colour to your garden during winter. Just make sure that they are able to soak up some of that winter sun!

Here’s some care tips for your cut Hellebores to make sure you keep them looking amaze:
- Change the water daily, keep them away from direct sun and heat - Split the end of the stem vertically at 2cm and re-snip the stems and place them in fresh water. Following our tips will make sure you can get the most out of them and let them light up your space for longer.

We are loving seeing these pop up all over Melbourne flower market stalls as well as in the rolling fields outside Melbourne.

Show off your Hellebores, tag us in all of your pics!

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