Tulip Festival Potted Tulips 120mm


It's Tulip season babes!

Normally we would be first in line to head to the annual Tulip festival, but sadly this year it won't be going ahead (yet another lockdown casualty!), so to support our local growers and keep the spirit of the Tulip festival alive, we're bringing the tulip goodness straight to YOU with these beautiful potted Tulips!

We have a limited drop of these cuties so get in quick!

Each Tulip pot will be delivered in its planter pot, wrapped in our premium white paper and matching ribbon. Planter pots measure approx. 120mm diameter x 150mm height.

Notes from the HB Florists:
Please note that tulip colours and styles will vary from reds, oranges, yellows, whites, purples and everything in between! 

Your Tulips will arrive to you as closed buds and will bloom in the coming weeks.  

Tulip care tips:
Tulips need to receive full sunlight. Water your Tulips once the soil surface dries, water the tulips. Water until the moisture drips from the bottom of the pot. 

If keeping indoors, water once or twice weekly.
If keeping outdoors, Tulips may need watering as often as once daily.

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