Behind the scenes of your order...

Ever wondered what happens once you click buy? Well you’re about to find out right now, when we expose what happens at HB HQ.

As soon as you purchase somethin’ a little spesh from our website your order is then processed straight into our systems. We then code your order and slot it in for the date of delivery. Our early risin’ florists are able to see how many orders there are (once they have had their morning coffee fix) and what flowers are needed, so that only the best quality from the morning market is picked. 

From the market to our warehouse, all of the beautiful flowers are then put straight into our huge fridge (think size of a shipping container) to keep them at the perfect temperature. Keeping the flowers cool ensures their freshness for when they are delivered straight to your door! 

By this point, we have the music pumpin’ and our team is in full swing working away. Your flowers are hand picked from the fridge, arranged into a beautiful bunch and then wet wrapped. Wtf is wet wrapping?? It is a piece of foam soaked in cold water which is then wrapped around the ends of the flower stems. This keeps the flowers alive for the journey out of water. The final and most special wrap takes place just before it is ready to be collected by one of our friendly couriers. 

Whilst all the florists are busy creating magic, our team in the office is just as busy preparing your order. This includes printing the envelope and gift card message, responding to your inquiries and figuring out routes for our couriers to take so that your flowers can be delivered as quickly as possible!

Once the orders are ready, our couriers come for collection for the specific orders that are on their tailored route. At this point you will receive an email stating that your order is on its way! Even better, you are then able to track the courier (just like Uber Eats!) to see when they are approaching and ETA of the delivery. 

Each flower order is then hand delivered to your doorstep awaiting your delight!