HB HQ: What we’re up to this chrissy season!

Just like many of you, we can't wait to spend some quality time with our loved ones over the holiday season. With how tough this year has been, we will be hugging a little tighter and indulging a little more (making up for all the missed celebrations in lockdown)!

Get to know some of our team and see how we are spending our Christmas holidays...


Courtney is flying up to her hometown Kingscliff, to see her family and friends that she hasn't seen since Christmas last year. A very exciting time to reunite with her loved ones! She is looking forward to taking a sunset hike up the Cape Byron Lighthouse. *Cue Sunset Lover by Petit Biscuit on her Instagram story* 

Kate is looking forward to having time to chill out with family and friends. Having zero plans after this crazy year is exactly what she needs to reset and tackle on the new year.

Val is travelling to South Australia with her dog Chooky and getting matching mani pedis with her 10 year old sister #sistergoals! She is also cooking for her family on Christmas Day, and If it tastes anything like the sweets she brings in for us to eat, we know her fam is in for a treat!

Lauren the boss is not working. That is all. A much deserved break from all the covid madness.

Jorgia and Odette are also traveling to Adelaide, South Australia. It’s their dog Geffa (that frequently visits HB HQ) first christmas since they adopted her so they are planning to dress her up - cuuuuuteeee! Jorgia will be spending the entire Christmas cuddling her little nephew before coming back to Melbourne.

Poppy’s Christmas lunch is at her Mum’s house this year where all the family will be to celebrate. She is then going to go camping with the family for something a little bit different and relaxing.

Meghan is spending Christmas day with her boyfriend’s family for brunch and then over to her cousin’s for the arvo. They are both then driving 13hrs in one day (going to need a lot of coffee) to Tamworth to see her mum that she hasn’t seen since January. Catching up on quality time together, Meghan will be spending this time relaxing by the pool. 

Shelby is relaxing Christmas day then heading off on a long coastal road trip to New South Wales. During the chrissy break she also plans to get a lot of sleep to recover from all the morning market wake ups at 5.30am. We hope she doesn’t get too used to sleep-ins!

Laura is also doin a lil bit of travelling, heading to Albury with her partner and doggo. They are spending Christmas with her family before returning back to Melbs to look after her beloved garden.

With family in Canada, Simona is skyping her sister on Christmas day who is also doing a gender reveal over the phone in Canada. Best news to receive on Christmas! Followed by going to her partner’s parents house for lunch, she will be spending the afternoon playing cricket in the backyard. It isn’t an aussie Christmas if backyard cricket isn’t played right?!

Jazmine is travelling back to her hometown Mildura to spend time with her friends and family. She plans to spend the crazy hot days (think 40 degree heat) relaxing by the pool and on a houseboat on the Murray River. Talk about serenity! 

We hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas and a happy and safe New Year! We can’t wait to keep bloomin’ with you all in 2021.