Lauren holding Coral Charm peonies


It’s no secret that everyone loves a Peony.

Every girl, guy, their dog, their horse, their mum, their cousin and their goldfish loves a damn Peony.

They are one of the most popular flowers probably of all time, the amount of emails we get of excited Peony lovers is infinite.

And we don’t blame you! After all, they’re f*cking stunning.

So what is it that makes a Peony so special, so lusted over? Let us tell you a thing or five about Peonies …

First things first, let’s talk about Peony season: Peonies are in their natural season during our busiest part of wedding season – November and early December.

Sometimes during the Winter months we are lucky enough to get some Peony imports from across the world (different colours from different countries with white from Israel and pink from Holland). But, for the most part these bad boys are only gracing our work benches for a few short weeks during Spring.

This is part of why the Peony is so damn popular – it is sexy and elusive, hard to get, expensive and damn she is luxe.

A bouquet of Peonies screams love, because they are just so hard to get a hold of! They are also a symbol of good fortune and a happy marriage which makes them a favourite with brides.

Peonies are native to Asia, Europe and Western North America.

As for the flower itself, it can last weeks as well (much like our special friend the Tulip). If your Peonies arrive in bud form they will take their time to open, but when they do - it is worth it!

With layers and layers of petals, the fluffiest bloom of all, the Peony will emit a beautiful and subtle sweet scent into your home while it’s petals unfurl.

Or perhaps you have a Peony with a yellow centre, like the Coral Charm, in which case the colour will fade from your Peony as it ages, leaving you with a beautiful faded coral that still has the sunniest, warmest centre.

If you are ever having trouble getting your Peonies to bloom, give them a cut at the base of the stem on an angle, strip all of the foliage and put them in a sunny spot indoors, the sun might encourage them to bloom!

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