Top 10 Tips To Keep Your Plants Alive


One of the most important parts – light! Ensure your plant is in a well-lit spot. Whether it be in the garden or inside, all plants have different light needs. Make sure your plant is situated in the best spot for its needs. A brightly lit room without direct sunlight is always the best for most indoor plants.


Make sure you are watering your plants regularly; this really ties in to Tip 4 on Draining. However, beware – the most common killer of plants is over-watering. You can tell a plant is being over-watered if the leaves begin to go yellow. A good way to check if your plant is thirsty is to stick your finger about an inch into the soil, if it is dry it’s time for a drink!


Make sure you are regularly inspecting your plants and pruning any dead leaves off stems, it will ensure your plant is focusing its energy on the healthier parts of it. You can also encourage your plant to grow through pruning it. For example, if you prune the top of a plant it may encourage growth further down the stem and push that out instead, making it bushier.


I know that pink pot with the amazing hand-painted Flowering Gum is beautiful – but does it have a drainage hole? Make sure your plants are able to drain when you water them, make sure every pot your purchase has a drainage hole, or if it doesn’t - keep your plant in its plastic nursery pot and simply sit it in the beautiful hand-painted pink pot you just had to buy, then when you water it you can pop it in the sink and let it drain there!


Hey, I get it, we live in Melbourne – it’s a cold! But when you switch that ducted heating on please make sure none of your plants are sitting on top of it, directly in its way or even really near it if you can avoid it. The heat will eff them up and dry them out.


Another great way to keep your plants healthy is to fertilize them, especially in the Spring and Summer months. There are a billion different forms of fertilizer for the billions of plants you can buy – take a trip to a nursery, ask their staff and see what suits your plant babies best!


Give your plant a Google, or even just read the care tag attached to it to make sure that it is the right plant for you. If you have no experience in plant care or keeping plants alive, read the tag and see what that particular plant needs, or ask for assistance and tell the staff what kind of light your home gets, what kind of plant you’re after and how capable you think you’d be at looking after it.


Most plants love a humid space, usually we recommend places like bathrooms and kitchens to provide that dose of humidity but you can really put your plants anywhere that the environment suits. To recreate some humidity and help them thrive, give the leaves a spray with water once a week!


Not only do plants look beautiful and glossy when their leaves are clean, it is good for them too! Keep an eye out for dusty leaves that don’t have that healthy shine anymore and wipe them clean gently with a wet cloth. This will help the plant absorb more light and become happy, healthy and strong!


Make sure your plants are growing evenly by rotating them on the reg so that each side gets a healthy dose of light and attention!

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