Add-On: Melbourne Martini


Delicious, ready to drink single-serve sizes so you to take your favourite cocktails with you, from parties to picnics and everything in between. 

We have three flavours to choose from -

The Espresso Martini original is a premium blend of high quality coffee beans, vodka and a touch of chocolate – a heavenly cocktail.

110mL | 12% Alc / Vol | 1.04 Standard Drinks

The Salted Caramel Espresso Martini is same same but different, with caramel and a hint of salt that creates that sweet and salty combination - delicious!

110mL | 12% Alc / Vol | 1.04 Standard Drinks

The Tommy Margarita has the tart bite you would expect, while delivering a smooth after taste that has you wanting more.

110mL | 13.15% Alc / Vol | 1.35 Standard Drinks

The Passionfruit Gin Sour is a tropical treat! This blend of Australian gin and luscious passionfruit offers a tantalizing mix of tart, sharp, and sweet flavours.

120mL | 11% Alc / Vol | 1 Standard Drinks 

Transport yourself to a sunny, beachy place with the Smoked Chilli Margarita!
This delightful twist on the classic margarita features tequila, fresh lime juice, and a sassy splash of spice.

120mL | 18.8% Alc / Vol | 1.8 Standard Drinks