Plant: Peperomia Rondo 120mm & Pot


Desk looking a little bit sad? Need a little plant pal to cheer you up? Introducing our Rondo Venetiano. This baby thrives indoors and is prized for its attractive foliage. Featuring baby rounded leaves that are glossy and green in colour- adding all the freshness you'll ever need in your space. 

Peperomia rotundifolia 'Rondo Venetiano' Care tips:
Keep out of direct sunlight as it may cause the small leaves to burn
Requires moderate watering
Vines can be trimmed back as required.

Plant measures approx. 150mm tall x 120mm diameter

Pet Friendliness:
This plant is non-toxic to cats and dogs
(Please note: consumption of ANY plant material by your pet may cause them to become ill. We always recommend to keep your plants away from your pets and to do your own research before purchasing this plant. Source: ASPCA)