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There is always something special about flowers and for this reason alone people have used it as a symbol of their love and affection for centuries. For so long flowers have been given for a special occasion but we don’t think you need to wait for a reason anymore. Surprise someone with a delivery by ordering online with us today. 

Our daily bunches have been a bestseller and for good reason too -- the floral arrangement changes daily! We’re up at the crack of dawn every morning so we can get only the freshest blooms in season. These special bouquets are always handcrafted with love and care by our team and wrapped in our signature (and recyclable) kraft paper.

Make someone’s day a little more magical with the gift of flowers. No matter the occasion, flowers have always been a crowd favourite. The combination of colours, the different varieties, all expertly bunched together in a bouquet that is sure to elicit feelings of joy and love.

But definitely don’t stop at flowers -- we have cute add-ons and indoor plants too. Choose from our huge range of extras, grab a special drink, or doughnuts, or chocolate, or candles, or one of everything – the list is almost endless.

We know it’s not easy to get to everyone, but for us it’s no sweat, we can reach all over, including Altona, Altona East, Altona Gate, and Altona North from Monday to Saturday. Booking a flower delivery service online is easy -- simply click here to choose from our complete collection. You can also pre-book a delivery by placing a preorder for a future date. We also accept AfterPay for all orders.  

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