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So, you need to get a bunch of flowers to Burwood Heights? Say no more. At Hello Blooms, we’re here to make it easy for you. Come with me on journey as I tell you why you should choose Hello Blooms for your next special celebration!

So, we’ll try to keep it short, but it is hard to stop once we get going. A reason why you should work with us to celebrate your next special occasion, is that we have the freshest bunches of flowers you will find in Melbourne. It might be a big, bold claim, but we stand by it because we go out every morning, before the crack of dawn, to visit our local suppliers, where we pick out the best blooms and botanicals, we can get our mitts on. We choose those flowers that are just about to hit their peak, that way, by the time we nestle them into their foliage and tissue blankets, they will be just about to bloom. Once they have found their new home at your place, they will burst into bloom and put on a show for you.

Another reason you should work with Hello Blooms, is that we have a lot of truly unique bunches, and we don’t just mean unique compared to other florists. We mean unique even compared to our own bunches. Because we pick our new flowers and foliage each day, it means that each day the flowers we have available to make our arrangements is different. And our lovely florists get to work each morning to design these flowers into new arrangements to be sent out that day! A good example of one our unique bunches is the Little Bunch – you can get this one delivered from only $42.

The third reason you should work with us is that our range of flowers is huge. We’ve got small bunches, large bunches, ones to let someone know you’re thinking of them, and ones that scream out that you bloody love them and you want everyone to know about it. The range goes from those super fresh bunches we mentioned before to dried everlasting florals and botanicals. You’ll be able to find something to suit the occasion and the recipient to a tee!

Reason number four is that we don’t stop at flowers. We get that for some very strange reason, not everyone likes flowers. And we promise you, it’s ok, we’ll survive. But instead of curling up in a ball and crying, we’ve decided to be proactive and cater to those people. That’s why we’ve put together a huge range of plants to choose from! We’ve got easy peasy indoor green babies, to the fussier plants that may require a seasoned plant veteran to master them. No matter the skill level, we’ve got a plant to suit. And to make it a little more personalised, you can choose the colour of the pot the plant will come in!

And lucky number 5 – our range of add-on extras. You see, while each of our flower bunches and plants and every other delight hold up on their own, our range of add-ons are the icing on top of an already pretty spectacular cake. But we’ve carefully handpicked a bunch of options that just give any delivery that little bit of oomph. And while the doughnuts are my fave, there are so many other goodies that you’ll be able to find something for everyone.

So, a quick recap for you. We deliver the freshest and most unique flower bunches all over this city from Monday to Saturday. We deliver to over 300 suburbs in Melbourne and our plants and flowers and add on extras can even be delivered to Burwood Heights – not much is better than that. We do have AfterPay available for all orders, and if you need your delivery there stat, order before 1pm for same day delivery - as long as we haven’t sold out already, we’ll get it out there for you. Otherwise place an order for a future date, sit back and forget the rest.

Last thing – make sure you check out our Facebook and Instagram pages. We’ll keep you up to date with all the exciting news and hot flower gossip over there.

See you soon Melbourne!