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If you’re stuck for a gift idea, why not give the gift of flowers? At Hello Blooms this is our go-to when it comes to giving presents, because we know that having the chance to experience a beautiful bunch of fresh flowers can mean a lot and really make someone’s day. That’s why we deliver flower bunches all over Melbourne. There isn’t a place we won’t go to to deliver our flower bunches, and if you happen to be in Canterbury, we've got you covered for an extra $5.95.

We’ve got a huge range of flower bouquets to choose from, whether it’s a specials occasion, or you just want to brighten someone’s day, we can most certainly help you out.

One of the favourite bunches we have here, is the Little Bunch. Don’t let the name fool you, while it’s our smallest arrangement, it has a lot of bang for it’s buck. You see, we design this one new each day, so it’s a surprise to even us.  The reason we create design arrangements each day is because we actually go down to our local suppliers each morning and pick out the freshest, most in-season blooms they have got. That way we get to make sure that we’re making the freshest bunches out there.

If you’re after something that is going to slap them across the face with surprise, shock, awe and more, (in a good way of course!), then it’s pretty hard to go past our Fancy Pants Bunch. Made using the likes of Phalaenopsis orchid, playa blanca roses, quicksand roses, disbuds and premium foliage, we wrap this beauty up in crisp white premium tissue & paper, and dress it with a satin ribbon to match. It’s the kind of floral arrangement someone will remember forever.

We have a huge range of flowers available – check out the entire collection here – however, if you want some help narrowing it down, we’ve made a section where we keep the absolute best of the best - it's the Best of the Season Collection. The flowers that are at their peak right now, so it might feature more seasonal options in here, like Peonies or Black Roses, some might be around for a month, some for only a week. It is dependent on the flower and the season, but it’s a good place to find something that might be a little different. If you do see something in here that you like, we recommend you grab it quickly though, because who knows how long they will be here for!

If you like the idea of giving something fresh and lively but don’t think flowers are necessarily the right route, then why not opt for a plant? Plants make awesome gifts, they give their new owner something to nurture, a little bit of new décor, and basically, just something that will always remind them of you. We’ve got a huge range to suit all sorts of plant caring abilities, so whether they have killed every plant they have ever touched, or they can grow anything, we have something that will work for them. You even get to choose the colour of the pot we put it in!

Top off your delivery with something a little extra extra read all about it, with one of our add-ons. We’ve got incredible, and can we just say, to die for, doughnuts, we have those adult beverages for all tastes, and we even have fun little bits and pieces, like candles, balloons and polaroids (what!). While our flower bunches make a great gift on their own, something a little extra from our add-ons will send that gift sky-rocketing.

We deliver our flowers all over Melbourne and we do it 6 days a week, Monday to Saturday. AfterPay is available for all orders, and like we mentioned before, if you’re in Canterbury, we’ve got your back. We do same day delivery, if you order before 1pm,and we haven’t sold out for the day already, otherwise, you can place a pre-order and leave the rest to us.

And just while we have you, go check out our Facebook and Instagram pages, we love to keep you up to date with everything we have going on, and we might even give you a sneak peek of the newly designed day’s arrangement!