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Sometimes you just need a big bunch of flowers to say whatever it is that you can’t quite put in words. Maybe you just want to let someone know you’re thinking of them. Maybe you’re trying to break the ice after a small disagreement. Or maybe you’re looking for a way to drop the big L bomb on someone. It doesn’t matter why, all we know is that the best way to do this is with a big, ol’ (not really old, wink), bunch of flowers from us here at Hello Blooms. If you’re looking for a bunch of flowers in Dandenong South, or anywhere else in Melbourne, keep reading to find out about some of our favourite bunches you can get delivered today.

The first bunch off the rank has got to be the Little Bunch. This one is actually where it all started for us here at Hello Blooms. It’s a gorgeous, darling bunch, that might have little in the name and be one of our smaller bunches, but trust us, the impact of this beauty is anything but little. Made from the fresh flowers and foliage we picked out that morning, this bunch is never the same two days in a row!

Another fave bunch is all about that colour. Perfect for the person who lights up any and every room they enter, the Colour Pop is a vivacious bunch that is available in two sizes (standard and deluxe) and available in two colour palettes (pastel or vibrant). Like the Little Bunch, this one is made fresh each day from those blooms and botanicals we picked out from our suppliers. We then wrap up your chosen colour palette bunch in a crisp white wrapping, add a satin ribbon and send it on its way. Trust us, those colours do be popping.

One bunch we really love is the Florist Choice bunch. What we love about this one is that it’s perfect for the people who love a surprise. We channel your energy when you place the order and then we use our creative juice, freedom and of course only the best flowers and foliage to create a gorgeous bunch. While no two bunches are ever the same, we do like to include a phalaenopsis orchid and some premium roses in there.

While we are partial to a bunch of flowers, we also can’t help but love a bit of greenery too, which is why we’ve curated a huge collection of indoor plants that make sensational gifts for any occasion. From budget friendly to easy to care for plants, we’ve got all sorts of options. And to make it even better, we’ve also got coloured pots that your plant can be delivered in!

And because we’re all about the details here, we’ve also got a collection of add-on extras that you can, as the name suggests, add on to any flower bunch or plant delivery. We’ve got candles, crystals, cocktails, boozy slices, puzzles, doughnuts, chocolates, and basically anything else you could imagine. You can grab as many of these goodies as you like. We won’t stop you and they are going to bloody love you for it. Check out our collection of add-ons right here.

So, by now, you’re probably wondering how you can get your bunch of flowers, plants and adorable goodies delivered to you in Dandenong South. Well, let us tell you. We deliver our goodies, including our flowers bunches to Dandenong South, and the rest of Melbourne, six days a week (from Monday to Saturday). We do same-day delivery as well as pre-orders. We have a cut off for same-day delivery of 1pm, however, you gotta get in fast because we do sell out for flower bunches before then sometimes. We deliver to every single Melbourne suburb, so no matter where you are we’ve got you covered. And to make it just so much easier, we’ve even got AfterPay.

Now, there’s only two things left to do. The first is to place your order. The second is to follow on Facebook and Instagram. We’ll try our best to keep you entertained and in the loop with the latest news from us here at Team HB.

We’ll see you soon Dandenong South.