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It’s pretty obvious that we love plants and flowers here at Hello Blooms and we certainly enjoy making someone’s day with one of our creations. The driving force behind our daily flower bunch is you, our customer. We want to create a bouquet that is guaranteed to give that warm fuzzy feeling, made of the day’s freshest picks.
 Our dedication to our craft shows with each bouquet that leaves our shop. We wake up early every morning from Monday to Saturday to be able to choose flowers that have been freshly picked. We get our blooms only from the best local Australian suppliers.
 Our adorable add-ons bring a special touch to each delivery. Indoor plants have become a popular gift in recent times. They are fairly easy to maintain and provide a much-needed flair to any room in your home.
 We are open Monday to Saturday and deliver all over Melbourne, including Fawkner, Fawkner East, and Fawkner North with a minimal fee of $4. Many of our clients preorder our daily bunches because they fly off the shelves -- save yourself the hassle and preorder a bouquet for a future date today.
 Curious about what our daily bunches look like? Head on over to our social media accounts on Instagram and Facebook where we proudly show off our creations. Each flower bunch is made up of different blooms and deserves the spotlight, whether in our social media posts or in your home.