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Delivering the best bunches of flowers around Melbourne is what we do best here at Hello Blooms. We do this all over, there isn’t a suburb we won’t send our flowers to. 

And what makes it even better is that you, or your loved one, is in Glen Iris we’ll get those flowers there for you. You might find yourself wondering what makes us the best in the flower game (some might even say Melbourne’s favourite florist)! Well keep reading cos we’re going to give you 5 of these reasons.

  1. Our flowers are fresh. We get up early every morning to pick out the freshest flowers from our local suppliers. We do this because, firstly, we want to make sure that your delivery is going to be at its best when it gets to your door. But we also do this because it helps us cut back on wastage, allowing us to get only the blooms and botanicals that we need for the day.
  2. Our flower bunches are unique. Whether the delivery of a flower bouquet is a surprise or not, because we focus on fresh and high-quality flowers, it means that every day, and every bunch is different.  Each day after we’ve picked out the best flowers from our suppliers, we get to designing our bunches. One of our famous favourites is the Little Bunch. This one is a fave for lots of reasons, I mean just look at it, but besides the bargain price of $42, it has become a favourite because each day the flower bunch is different – it is made with the same love, care and genuine passion for flowers each day.
  3. The options are endless….almost. We have a huge range of floral arrangements available – check them out here. We have options to suit all budgets, and all occasions. We’re so confident in our range that we know we have something to suit everyone – from Dried Flower Bunches to once off limited edition bunches.  If you’re looking for what is at its peak right now, we made an area for these ones, check them out here in the Best of the Season Collection.
  4. We don’t stop at Flowers. While we know our flower bunches really are great for everyone, sometimes you might want to opt for something in this realm but a little different, and that’s where the gift of greenery comes in. We’ve got a huge range of plants, and we have something to suit any colour thumb. We’re always on the hunt for new additions as well, so it’s always changing.
  5. We meant it when we said we don’t stop at flowers. We also have a huge range of add-on extras. While a bunch of flowers alone is an awesome gift, nothing tops off a bunch of flowers like a fresh, delicious doughnut, or a bottle of bubbly. We even have candles, polaroids, balloons and so much more to choose from. Check out the whole roster here.
  6. We’re on a bit of a roll so here’s a bonus reason. We’re here to make it easy & convenient. We deliver all over Melbourne, absolutely everywhere, and like we mentioned before, if you’re in Glen Iris, or want to get some flowers there, we've got you covered for an extra $5.95. We also deliver every day except Sunday’s, cos even we need a little break.  AfterPay is available for all orders. You can place a pre-order for a future date and let us handle the rest, or if you’re in a bind, we can also do same day delivery if you place your order before 1pm, as long as we haven’t sold out already.

While these reasons are pretty good, they aren’t the only ones. But why not find out for yourself and get some flowers sent your, or a loved one’s way. And when you’ve finished placing your order, why not check out our Facebook and Instagram accounts, we might even give you a sneak preview of our latest flower bunch!