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Calling all Hampton Park residents, we have fantastic news: Hello Blooms will happily deliver our freshest blooms to you, all for just an $11.95 delivery fee!
Whatever the occasion may be – a birthday, an anniversary, or just an endearing way to let someone know they’re on your mind – we’ve got something perfect in store for you. Florals, plants, and sweets right at your door, keep reading on to find out more!
There’s nothing better than brightening up someone’s day with a fresh bundle of flowers that smell like absolute heaven! With new arrangements made special every day, not one bunch is the same as the other. Basically, every bouquet of flowers we send out is completely unique to the receiver only. That’s right, everything about it is personalized to a T.
We even offer our special recyclable kraft paper to wrap your flowers in, making for a very whimsical and environmentally friendly presentation. You can also choose to have them sent over nestled safely in a quaint, little mason jar. Talk about aesthetically pleasing! A package from us is always guaranteed to secure a spot in your Instagram feed, ala #HelloBlooms.
Speaking of “plantstagram”, wouldn’t you agree that a house plant makes just as good as a specialized gift? Surprise your loved one with a hard-to-come-across plant from our collection of rare greens. Or if you know someone who’s just recently started to develop a green thumb, then something from our Beginner Plants section would be perfect for them! They’re easy to care for and maintain, so that eliminates any plant journey stress in that area.
And now for something to make things even more exciting: add-ons! Hello Blooms is a one-stop shop for a much needed serotonin boost, which is why you’ll find we have a vast and eclectic array of add-on gifts. How eclectic, you ask? Well, we have doughnuts and crystals and jigsaw puzzles and whisky – it’s not often that you’ll hear these items grouped together in such a way, even rarer to see them paired with a bunch of flowers!
Interesting combination? Perhaps. Unexpected and unforgettable? Definitely! We care about making everyone’s Hello Blooms experience unique, so don’t be surprised if we come out with even kookier gift combo ideas! Besides, our packages have been tested and proven – the final verdict is: everyone loves them.
It’s way too easy to end up overspending, especially when shopping for loved ones, which is why we’ve partnered up with AfterPay to make things easier for you! AfterPay is available as a payment method on every purchase you make, eliminating the hassle and weight of a big cash payment.
We’d love to hear from you and your experience with Hello Blooms! Our social media pages on Facebook & Instagram are only a click away, so remember to tag or mention us whenever you include one of our items in your post. You can even follow us so that you can stay tuned on our latest items and promo deals.