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It’s hard to go past a bunch of flowers – not only are they stunning but a flower bunch can sometimes be the best way to say how you’re feeling without words. That’s why at Hello Blooms we create some of the most stunning and fresh bunches you can find in Melbourne. And even better, for the folks in Kew, we got your back!

We have a huge range of flower bouquets available, so many in fact, it is hard to pick a favourite –– but we’ll give it a go.

Let’s start with the OG, the Little Bunch! This one is a true favourite for many reasons. Not only is it stunning, but it’s also affordable, so you can send someone surprise flowers without going broke! Another reason we love the Little Bunch is because no two bunches are the same. We design a new arrangement each day because we use only the freshest flowers in Melbourne – one’s that we have picked out that very morning from our local suppliers. Isn’t that something?

Another favourite of ours is the Colour Pop Bunch, this arrangement is made using the fresh flowers we’ve collected from our suppliers that morning, and it is wrapped in a premium white crisp paper. This beautiful arrangement is a great last minute gift for a special occasion.

Because it is tricky to pick a favourite, we think it might be good to tell you about the section where we keep the best of the best flowers. We call this section the Best of the Season – figures – and it is where we keep the beautiful flowers that are at their peak right now, the best ones out there – hence the name. Some of the arrangements are around for a month or so, some for only a week. It can be fleeting, but sometimes the best things are.

Check out the full collection of flowers here – you’ll definitely find something you love.

And while we know one of our flower bunches is stunning on it’s own, we also thing the more the merrier, that’s why we recommend grabbing something from our range of extra add-ons. We’ve got something to suit all of your favourite people (or you) – from alcohol, to sweet goodies, candles to polaroids – there really is something for everyone.

We deliver all over Melbourne, from Monday to Saturday, so whether you’re looking for a birthday gift or you just want to send flowers someone’s way – we’ll get it done for you.

We do same day flower delivery in Kew and the rest of Melbourne and can handle short notice, but if you’re organised, we also do pre-orders, so you can plan ahead and ensure that that beautiful bouquet makes it’s way to Kew or which Melbourne suburbs you need (we deliver to more than 400 suburbs).

So, don’t go searching for Kew florists, order online at Hello Blooms and get flowers delivered right to their door.

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