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What can your $11.95 get you? Well, for one thing, it can cover the delivery fee for a phenomenal Hello Blooms gift package anywhere in Kilsyth! Flower bunches, house plants, and maybe a doughnut or two – we’ve got it all for you. Sentimental gifts are our specialty and every single one of our customers is always our priority. 
We have an amazing selection of flower arrangements, all of which have been delicately and meticulously designed by the Hello Blooms team, just for you. You won’t find any generic or monotonous bunches here, because we take ample time in making sure everything looks new, unique, and of course, spectacular enough to take your breath away.
Our flowers are always 100% fresh, given to us by our generous suppliers first thing in the morning. It’s not just the arrangement that we put so much thought into, we also make our packaging super fun and creative as well. Take your pick from our signature kraft paper (completely recyclable!) or an elegant mason jar (for visuals straight out of Pinterest!) to place your flowers in. Either way, anyone is sure to get a kick out of the whimsical presentation.
Some of our bunches are so exclusive that we only have them available for a short amount of time, usually ranging from a month to a week. So carpe diem and get your hands on your favorite choices before they’re gone for good!
While you’re at it, if you can’t get enough of our florals, then you’re sure to fall madly in love with our plants! From greens that are hard to find elsewhere to buds that are easier to maintain, we definitely have something in store for every type of plant parent. They even come in colorful, stylish pots that will easily add a sense of luxury and sophistication to any home’s interior.
To shake things up a little, we have an entire section dedicated to special add-on gifts. We’re talking crystals, cocktails, doughnuts, balloons, personalized polaroids, and more! We care about making everyone’s day feel extra special and every one of our add-ons are sure to do the trick.
Don’t be afraid to splurge a little! Gift giving is an act meant to be enjoyed, so don’t stress out too much, especially since we have the handy dandy AfterPay as an available payment option on every order. This means that you can always pay in installments even with your more sizable purchases.
When it comes to delivery, we promise you that everything will be a breeze. We deliver all over Melbourne from Monday to Saturday each week. All you need to do is pick your florals ahead of time for a smooth pre-order arrangement or get your order in before the clock strikes 1PM for same day orders. Either way, our flowers will always arrive fresh and on time!


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