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Mentone folks, say hello to the most exquisite bunch of flowers you’ve ever seen, brought to your front door with just an $11.95 delivery fee from Hello Blooms. With our vast collection of blooms, plants, and the cutest little add-on gifts for an extra special touch, picking out gifts easily becomes just as enjoyable as receiving them!
A package from us is the embodiment of love in all its purity. Our bouquets are not just an endearing way to let someone know you care. They’ve also been personally handcrafted by our Hello Blooms team, who are all wholeheartedly committed to creating a new, unique, and unforgettable floral arrangement. We don’t just pack and ship here – we put a little bit of ourselves into every one of our items and send them out with hearts full of wonder and excitement.
Knowing that our customers beam with joy at the sight of our creations is what drives us to keep going. Every day, we pick the best and freshest flowers from our suppliers, and we take our sweet time fixing up something that will catch your fancy. There are certain arrangements that we only have up on our site for a brief time. It usually ranges from a month to as short as a week, so we highly encourage you to nab your faves before they’re gone, or before someone else beats you to them.
The same goes for our plants too! Aside from the few we have that are limited edition, our greens are usually a popular pick among our avid customers, so they tend to sell quickly. Because we believe in only providing the best and brightest for you, it can take us a while to restock on these plants. So grab what you can, while we still have them.
But it’s safe to say that that’s not all we have to offer. We also have a collection of fun add-on gifts that are just the perfect thing you need to complete the ultimate Hello Blooms gift package. They’re fun and exciting enough to make a statement, but not too much that they completely overpower the flower or plant that comes with it. To see what we’re talking about, feel free to check out our Add-Ons page. You’ll find doughnuts, balloons, crystals, and more!
We always strive to make your shopping experience with us completely hassle-free, which is why we readily accommodate requests for a pre-order or a same-day delivery. It might also interest you to know that we have AfterPay available for every purchase, meaning that you can pay in installments, rather than in one go. Gift-giving is meant to be enjoyed, not to be stressed over.
Our team is always putting out new creations, and sometimes we even give out special promotional deals too. To keep yourself updated, make sure you’re following us on our Facebook and Instagram. You wouldn’t want to miss out on our Hello Blooms cheer!