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At Hello Blooms, we’re a hardworking team of flower lovers and florists who only want to send bunches of flowers to the peeps of the best city in the world – Melbourne! We want to do this because we know that the flower bunches, we make are some of the best and most beautiful ones you’ll find. So, if you or someone special to you is located in Merlynston, have no fear cos we’ll get a bunch of flowers to you no sweat!

We love sending bunches of flowers around because we know how much joy they can bring. Flowers have an uncanny ability to make the recipient smile and we are addicted to creating smiles. 

To make these bunches, we get up early each day and head on down to our local flower suppliers. We pick out the freshest blooms and botanicals, which we use to design new floral arrangements each day. Yep, we create our babies from scratch each day, which makes sure that they are both unique and a surprise, even to us!

You may have heard of one of our faves, it’s the Little Bunch.  For only $42, you can get this one delivered to your door in Merlynston. This is one of the ones design new each day, but we always finish it off in recyclable kraft paper to get those flowers popping. And we ALWAYS make sure we make it with love.  We want you to feel this! 

The Little Bunch is just the start though, our options are endless, from the vibrant Colour Pop bunch to the exquisite Fancy Pants bouquet, you’ll find something for everyone – check out the whole range here

When we say we’ve got something for everyone, we mean it. Heck, we even have dried floral bunches – check out that collection right here.

If flowers aren’t yours or their thing, that’s cool cos we’ve got plants. We’ve got plants that suit all skill levels, and you even get to choose what colour pot they come in!

You must finish off your delivery with something from our range of add-ons.  Well, you don’t “have” to but trust me, if someone finds out they didn’t get one of our delicious doughnuts, or anything else from the collection you might be getting some questions.

We deliver flowers from Monday to Saturday and we do it all over the city, and just to remind you, if you’re in Merlynston, we got you back. AfterPay is available for all orders, and if you need those flowers there in a rush, order before 1pm, and if we haven’t sold out already, we’ll get them there that same day.  Otherwise, you can place a pre-order for a future date, and we’ll do the rest.

And while we’ve got you, why don’t you check out our Facebook and Instagram accounts. We’ll keep you in the loop with all of our hot goss, and we might even give you a sneak peek of the day’s newly designed arrangement.