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In trying times, anyone would come to really appreciate a good pick-me-up. And what else could be a more perfect choice than a little (or big!) something special, straight from Hello Blooms? Our goal is to brighten up the entirety of Melbourne, one suburb at a time. So if you’re in Rowville, then we have news for you: our flowers are always fresh, bold blooming… and delivery fees start at only $11.95.
Birthdays, anniversaries, weddings – all of these special occasions call for a grand gift that properly showcases the love you wish to express. Our flowers are just the thing you need to do just that, especially when you’re familiar with the whole intimate process that goes on behind the scenes.
First thing in the morning, our suppliers bring over a beautiful selection of blooms, from which we pick out the freshest and brightest ones. From there, we sit down and take our sweet time doing what we love: creating new and unique arrangements that will delight our customers.
Some of our arrangements run out rather quickly, since they’re usually a crowd favorite among our eager customers. There are times when we even put up a few limited edition ones, meaning after a month or maybe even a week, they’re no longer up for grabs. But don’t despair, as you can have a regular dose of Hello Blooms thanks to our subscription option.
Basically, you get to choose how often you’d like to have our flowers delivered – weekly, fortnightly or monthly. Then after you’ve confirmed the details of your subscription and address, we’ll do the rest of the work. This gives you the opportunity to have something special to look forward to on a regular basis, saving you the cost of having to go through the shopping experience every single time.
We also have an array of indoor house plants, nestled in stylish, elegant pots. Whether you’re a beginner plant parent who’s just recently developed a green thumb, or a long-time plant lover who appreciates a good green find in a dashing pot, you’ll love everything in our specially curated plant section.
Flowers and plants are already incredible gifts on their own, but that’s not to say that you can’t add a little something extra to them.
Speaking of which, let us ask you a question: who doesn’t love a good doughnut? Or a fun jigsaw puzzle? Or a pair of healing candles? You’ll find all of these and more lovely delights on our add-ons page.
We’ve done everything in our power to make your Hello Blooms shopping experience loads of fun, from looking through our collections to paying for them! And by that we mean, AfterPay is available on every order you make, saving you unnecessary stress from breaking the bank.
Follow us on our Facebook and Instagram pages to find out more, and to always stay in the loop as well. Hello Blooms is always here for you, one way or another!