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As long as you’re on our turf, sending flowers to your loved ones will always be super fun, easy, and affordable. We’ve got the entirety of Melbourne covered and no, that’s not an exaggeration at all! It’s not often that you’ll find a place that delivers all the way over to Tullamarine, and yet, here we are, and with only a small fee of $11.95, at that.
Let’s face it, flowers are just one of those rare things that make sense in any situation. Someone’s birthday coming up? A bright bouquet of pom poms is sure to make their special day way better. Wedding anniversary? Our Florist's Choice Bunch is a great choice to have around the house, especially for a couple who loves finding ways to upgrade their decor. Is someone you know feeling a little down? Sunflowers are the answer.
These are just more than just flowers, they’re our very own signature Hello Blooms creations. Personally picked out by us every morning and meticulously arranged to perfection – you can trust our bunches to always be unique, exciting, and simply oozing sentiment.
We have a few options for packaging that you can choose from. There’s our signature Hello Blooms brown kraft paper, which is both 100% recyclable and 100% awesome. Your flowers will be kept safely nestled in this strong, durable, and aesthetically pleasing wrapping material. Alternatively, you can have your pretty floral arrangement come in a lovely little mason jar, which would make a great and quirky addition to your home. No matter which one you choose, either of these options will surely add a fantastic flair to your choice of blooms.
Now for our plants – indoor house plants, to be specific. To say the least, they’re lush, full, and scientifically proven to remove harmful toxins in the air! Once you get a look at our collection, it’s going to be hard to keep away. So let us at least help narrow your options a bit: we have a section for our budget-friendly plants, one for the greens that are easier to maintain, and one for our special rare finds.
And, because we are firm believers that there is no such thing as too much, we have a whole array of fun add-on gifts to add a splash of extravagance to your botanicals. You’ll have a blast browsing through our page, in which you’ll find everything from crystals to balloons to bottles of liquor!
Don’t hold back when shopping with us. We swear you won’t regret it, especially with AfterPay by your side. The days of paying a huge amount for just one purchase are gone – you can always pay in installments with us.
To know more about our special products and possibly, future promo offers on our horizon, stay connected with us on our social media pages on Facebook and Instagram! We can’t wait to give you your daily dose of Hello Blooms cheer.