Melbourne’s weather is getting hotter and whilst we are doing our best to keep your flowers as fresh as they can be, we need your help. 

We sure do love summer but our flowers don’t. They get hella thirsty and if left unattended, they will not survive like Katniss Everdeen.

Days of extreme heat
On days of extreme heat, please be mindful when choosing your delivery address. The best way to guarantee a successful delivery is to choose an address where someone will be home to accept. Be sure to enter any delivery notes to help our drivers and team, as well as the sender and recipient’s phone number. 

If no one is home when our driver arrives, we will firstly contact the sender and if unable to reach you, we will contact the recipient. Deliveries will not be able to be left unattended if we are not able to reach anyone, as the precious cargo will not survive being left out in the heat. 

If we are unable to successfully delivery, our team will be in touch via email to arrange a re-delivery. Fees may apply. 

When flowers are received on a hot day 
As soon as flowers are received, give the stems a nice chop on an angle and pop them straight into a vase with fresh water in a cool spot out of the sun. You’ll then be able to watch the flowers keep on bloomin’ over the next week or so!

We thank you for understanding!

Hello Blooms x