Add-on: Animal Cuddle Buddies


Your newest lifelong buddies have just arrived! All the way from our friends Nana Huchy.

Meet Lucy - Lucy loves spring, but hates Rosemary. For some reason, the smell gives her the heebie jeebies so she needs cuddles to put it out of her mind. Good thing her wool is so soft because everyone loves to cuddle Lucy If you know of a potential cuddler, Lucy would like to cuddle them back.

Say hello to Buddy - small & sweet & bursting with energy, loves to be around people. Buddy the Pup can spin, shake hands, roll over, beg, & bark on cue (just be sure to give him a tasty Schmacko afterwards). His dad wants him to study Law when he grows up but Buddy Pup’s secret ambition is to join the circus & become an acrobat.

Lucy and Buddy each measure approx. 25cm long

Our animal cuddlies arrive wrapped in white tissue and nestled safely in our kraft paper bags

Please note: Lucy and Buddy are only available as an add-on to your blooms or plant.