Add-on: Animal Rattle


The cutest little friends you ever did see!

Our animal cuddlies arrive wrapped in tissue and nestled safely in our kraft paper bags. Choose from Bonnie, Max or Snowy:

Bonnie the Bunny
You know how Alice fell down the rabbit hole? Well, Bonnie fell up it. This cheeky soft toy rabbit was down in her burrow, just munching carrots with the other bunnies, when all of a sudden she bounced straight up & out into the middle of a suburban back garden. Inquisitive, energetic & heaps of fun, Bonnie's a blessing just waiting to bounce into your little one's life.

Max the Dog
Max may look like a well-behaved angel pup but he is one of the cheekiest boys on the Nana Huchy farm. A born escape-artist, Max can run lightning-fast & he will often be found gambolling up & down the neighbouring vineyards with his big floppy ears flapping in the wind.

Snowy is the softest, sweetest goose you´ll ever meet! This clumsy girl has two left feet & is always waddling her way into trouble, whether it´s getting herself trapped in Charlie the Chicken´s coop or splashing headfirst into Bill the Duck´s pond or getting her webbed feet stuck in Peggy the Pig´s mud pen. But it´s all just water off a duck´s back to Snowy (or should we say, water off a goose´s back)!

Please note: This is only available as an add-on to your blooms or plant.

Choose your buddy: