Add-On: Uluna Rose Quartz


This legendary love stone is for manifesting love, kindness and gratitude towards yourself and others.

Unearthed in Brazil, the quality of colour in this deep pink rose quartz is beautifully enhanced by the polished surfaces. Perfect for your bedroom or sacred space.

A mineral to activate the heart chakra, rose quartz acts by opening your heart to all of the loving vibes; new love, self-love, romantic love and friendship. The nurturing and soothing nature of rose quartz can enable you to heal old emotional wounds by creating a safe space to express unreleased emotions, anger and resentment to transform heavy negative energy into light, loving vibrations. Rose quartz can give you strength to forgive and feel compassion.

A couple of notes:
This rose quartz is available as an add-on ONLY and must be ordered with blooms or a plant.

All crystals are gemmologically certified, energetically cleansed and charged under the full moon. 

The beauty of crystals is that each one is unique. Images shown are sample images only to show you the variety of shapes and colours.