Horoscope Bunch - Sagittarius


For all you babes in touch with your spiritual side, we're introducing our horoscope bunch, and you're up next Sagittarius!

Known to be free spirited, they are the person people come to when they seek adventure (let's set up that rock climbing or sky diving date yeah?!). They love making connections with people and are very creative, cheerful and faithful, making them the perfect friend! 

So for all you Sagittarius babies out there, we have a real dark and moody one for you...featuring Hydrangea, Canterbury Bells, Frilly Tulips and/or Carnations (just to name a few) all in a beautiful purple/blue/pink colour palette! 

This bunch is a perfect birthday gift or treat yo' self moment! Available for all of Sagittarius szn (22nd November -21st December) 

Please note: Our florists work hard every day to bring you the best blooms, so colours, styles and blooms in your bunch will vary each day. Don’t worry though, each bunch will be made with lots of love and care.