Horoscope Bunch - Aquarius


For all you babes in touch with your spiritual side, we're introducing our horoscope bunch, and you're up Aquarius!

As an air sign, Aquarius are honest, generous, progressive and great problem solvers (you go girl!). They value their alone time (did someone say netflix and chill for one?) and are known to be incredibly curious and intellectual. 

So for all you Aquarius babies out there we've put together this beaut bunch inspired by the Aquarian colour palette! Think blue roses as well as a mix of orange, purple and white in the form of Dahlias, Snapdragons and Carnations. All lovingly curated and wrapped by the HB florists with matching tissue and ribbon.

Available for all of Aquarius szn (January 22nd - February 18th) 

Please note: Our florists work hard every day to bring you the best blooms, so colours, styles and blooms in your bunch will vary each day. Don’t worry though, each bunch will be made with lots of love and care.