Horoscope Bunch - Pisces


For all you babes in touch with your spiritual side, we're introducing our horoscope bunch, and first up it's the best sign of them all - Pisces (can you tell a Pisces wrote this description?)

Represented by a pair of fish, Pisces is a water sign - checks out right?! Pisces are known for being caring, loyal, gracious and sensitive little cuties. They are also known to be a dream partner because of their caring and loyal nature. 

So for all you Pisces babies out there, we've put together this beaut bunch featuring a sea of blue and green blooms in the form of Orchids, Delphinium, Amaranthus and premium roses. Oh and of course holo and glitter for something extra spesh! This bunch is a perfect birthday gift or treat yo' self moment (after all, you're always looking after everyone else right?)

Available for all of Pisces szn (19th February - March 20th) 

Please note: Our florists work hard every day to bring you the best blooms, so colours, styles and blooms in your bunch will vary each day. Don’t worry though, each bunch will be made with lots of love and care.