Add-On: Okay Lady Puzzle


Okay ladies, now let's get puzzle making.

We are super excited to be stocking the beautiful Okay Lady Mindful Puzzles! 

When life seems overwhelming and you've got a million things to juggle, it only means one thing... you need to take some down time for you. What better way to practice a bit of mindfulness than completing a beautiful puzzle. 

These jigsaw puzzles contain 400 pieces and are custom designed with prints on both sides created by professional female artists. By purchasing one of these beauties, you will be supporting not one, but two female founded small businesses as well as a group of female creatives and freelancers. #YeahTheGirls 
We already know you'll be up at 2am with a glass of wine going crazy with these! 

To top off these amazing brain buzzers is the fact that they're packaged in zero plastic. How freakin' good is that?! Each puzzle lives inside a reusable cotton draw-string bag and is packaged within a cylinder which is just as wonderful as the puzzle itself. 

Add this to a bunch of blooms and you have the ultimate gift!

Please note: This is only available as an add-on to your blooms or plant.