Get excited - PEONIES ARE HERE! 

It's our favourite time of year - peony time! The season is short and sweet so these gorgeous blooms aren't here for long.

There are a LOT of you Peony fans that want your hands on these beauties (and why wouldn't you?!), so we're celebrating all the colours of the Peony family this year, 

including stunning whites, pinks, corals and reds. We're selecting only the very best from the market, so this means the colours and types of Peonies you will receive will vary each day.

More colours + more variety = more Peonies for you all!

Each bunch has 5 stems of gorgeous peonies in a variety of colours chosen by the HB florists. Hand-delivered in crisp white paper with added premium tissue paper to match. 

Please note: Peonies come in a whole range of beautiful colours, therefore colours of Peonies in your bunch will vary each day.

Some of your Peonies may arrive to you still in their bud stage, but don't worry babe, they'll show their beautiful fluffy petals in the coming days (This also means you can enjoy them for even longer!)