Pet Flower Crowns


The only thing cuter than a flower crown is a flower crown on a doggo or kitty!

Designed to tie around their cute lil' heads or as a collar decoration for the ultimate instagrammable moment. Featuring fluffy Gyp and an accent rose in our 'Spring fling' colour palette for any lil' king or queen. All lovingly made by the HB florists for your fur baby. 

So we can make your crown to best suit your pet's little head, let us know below what animal and breed will be wearing the crown. Small crown is suitable for cats and small dogs. Large crown is suitable for medium and large dogs.

Flowers are attached to a headband wire and finished with a cute matching ribbon to tie at the back so you can adjust your pet's crown to fit perfectly. 

Wanting to create a matching moment? Check out our limited edition Spring Fling crown for hoomans here

Please note:
Flowers in each crown will vary and depend on seasonality and florist choice. Don't worry though, each crown will be made with lots of love and care!
For more information, visit our Flower Crown FAQs page.

While the flowers in this crown are not toxic to dogs or cats, consumption of ANY plant material by your pet may cause them to become ill. Source: ASPCA

Frank (1st image) wears a large crown.