Plant: Alocasia Regal Shield 170mm


This beauty is sometimes referred to as Buddha's Palm or Elephant's Ear because of its large heart-shaped leaves. It's said that this plant is believed to bring good luck, so you'll often find these grown in Buddhist temples. Caring for this baby is easy-peasy too, even for the most serial plant-assassin!

Alocasia Regal Shield Care Tips
Keep in bright, indirect light. Keep soil moist but not soggy, she also enjoys a good misting from time to time (don't we all). 

Plant measures approx. 500 tall x 170mm diameter 

Please note this plant does not come with a pot. Looking for a pot? Click here to add one on!

This plant is not pet-friendly 
(Please note: consumption of ANY plant material by your pet may cause them to become ill. We always recommend to keep your plants away from your pets and to do your own research before purchasing this plant.)

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