Plant: Tradescantia Nanouk 95mm & Pot


Otherwise known as Fantasy Venice, this is probably the most Instagrammable plant you could come across! We're obsessed with these pinky-purple striped leaves, a real statement plant and one for those who are looking for something a lil' bit out of the ordinary. Each plant will arrive in a cute AF 95mm ceramic pot.

Please note: Each pot and plant colour combo will be different. Each purchase will be a lucky dip of what we have available. 

Tradescantia Nanouk Care Tips
She's not as high maintenance as she looks - she thrives in bright, indirect sunlight or full sun. Water once a week or when the top inch of the soil is dry. Be careful not to overwater. 

Plant measures approx. 120mm tall x 95mm diameter

This plant is slightly toxic to cats and dogs
(Please note: consumption of ANY plant material by your pet may cause them to become ill. We always recommend to keep your plants away from your pets and to do your own research before purchasing this plant.
Source: ASPCA)

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