VALENTINE'S DAY PLANT: Be Mine Potted Anthurium


We know flowers aren’t for every lover out there, so this year we have a cute AF plant baby for your baby!

We couldn’t go past the Anthurium as our plant of looooooove. We’re obsessed with these heart shaped flowers, also known as flamingo flowers. Each Anthurium has its own unique colour - ranging in passionate reds to sweet pinks and whites. 

Each plant will arrive to your lover in a red ceramic pot, placed in one of our gift boxes and finished with a matching ribbon and a sweet lil’ love note.

Plant includes a red ceramic pot and measures approx. 45cm high
Pot measures 16cm diameter x 19cm high. 

Please note: Photos shown are an example only and the colour of your Anthurium flower will be a lucky dip of what is available 

Anthurium care tips
Keep soil moist but not wet as this can cause root rot. These beauties can tolerate most light sources, but bright indirect light will keep them looking their best and yield the most flowers. Your plant baby will also thrive in humidity. 

This plant is not pet friendly
(Please note: consumption of ANY plant material by your pet may cause them to become ill. We always recommend to keep your plants away from your pets and to do your own research before purchasing this plant. Source: ASPCA) 

Please read the nitty gritty details here before ordering