All about our Florist Choice

It’s a fave for a reason our Florist Choice - it’s all in the name baby! 

Each and every day our HB florists get to work their magic to create stunning one-of-a-kind bunches for you to love and enjoy as much as we do!

Florist Choice | Hello Blooms Melbourne

What is the Florist Choice bunch?

This one is for those who love a surprise or those of you who are just indecisive AF. The HB florists will choose a variety of the season’s best flowers and foliage on your behalf and create a beautiful arrangement just for you.

Each bunch will feature a gorgeous Phalaenopsis stem and premium roses that will be paired with a matching colour palette of fresh blooms and greenery - everything and anything our florists’ hearts desire!

Florist Choice | Hello Blooms Melbourne

It’s time to get those creative juices flowin’!


Each of our florists has their own unique style and take on the Florist Choice, and we love to see it! 

Whether it be a signature flower, type of foliage, colour palette or even just what they’re vibing with that day, no two bunches are ever the same. 

We love seeing what the florists come up with on the daily. 

If your Florist Choice features the likes of Date Palm, holographic paper or glitter in your bunch, Val is definitely your gal! (bonus points if you score all three in your bunch).

Summer’s vibe is often cute AF pastel tones, which surprisingly is the exact opposite to her wardrobe!

Nat radiates sunshine and happiness, so it’s no surprise her bunches are the same! Fun and vibrant tones (think oranges, yellows, pinks) are always a part of her signature style.

Florist Choice | Hello Blooms Melbourne

Showcasing the season’s best blooms

We love being able to share the season’s best blooms with you. 

Whether it be an autumnal arrangement with reds, oranges and yellows, or giving some serious tropical vibes with seasonal summer blooms! Each Florist Choice bunch is lovingly curated by the HB florists to showcase the very best of these beaut blooms.

Florist Choice | Hello Blooms Melbourne

Wait! I have questions!

Can I customise my Florist Choice?

Each Florist Choice bunch is designed by the lucky florist making your bunch and is up to their discretion to pick the blooms that will feature in your bunch (we don’t want to interrupt the creative process!). However, if you do have a specific colour palette in mind or style, feel free to add these into your order notes before you checkout and we will do our best to make it happen!

How do I know who will be making my Florist Choice bunch? 

We often showcase the florists and their bunches over on our Instagram stories, so you can put a face to a bunch! More often than not, a different florist will be making a different Florist Choice bunch each and every time one is ordered!

Can I have my bunch delivered the same day?

Abso-freaking-lutely! If you place your order before 1pm we can deliver the same day to over 400 suburbs in Melbourne! (unless sold out earlier)

What should I do now? 

Place your order with us of course! You can get your Florist Choice flower bunch today or you can place a pre-order for a future date. And we can deliver to you wherever you are in Melbourne. 

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