All about the Black Rose


Black Roses have recently completely taken over floristry in the best way. As an avid fan of all things dark and ~edgy~, we have been singing the song of the black rose for many years now and finally it has paid off!

The highly sought after Black Rose is dyed, so unfortunately it is not a natural colour produced by our love Mother Nature.

But dyed flowers are everywhere these days – have you noticed?

The Black Rose is originally a beautiful red rose, dyed to create that velvety black look. It can create some added romance and elegance to any event, adding a dark yet feminine tone to anything!

Black Roses are perfect for anyone who isn’t that fussed on your typical romantic gesture of Red Roses, and great when paired with beautiful dried blooms too! Really, they look great with everything, we promise. 



So how do you care for your beautiful roses?

Because these roses are dyed, the water that they are in will get dirty quicker and often change colour to reflect the dye that has been used on them (fun fact: the coloured dye used is soaked up through the stem of the flower to create its colour).

Make sure you’re keeping the water they are in clean, changing often and cutting the stems on an angle as you do!

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