Best Plants for Beginners

Plants are very ~on trend~ right now, but they’re a lot more than just a trend; they filter and purify your air, reduce your stress levels, lower your blood pressure and help your sleep better!

So, where should you begin when starting to build your green indoor jungle?

Keep on reading and find out the best plants for beginners, you know, the one’s who seem to kill everything

SANSEVIERIA - ‘Snake Plant’, ‘Mother-In-Law’s Tongue’

One of the easiest to keep alive.

The Sansevieria is tolerant of low light, prefers low amounts of watering and is happy in stale or humid air – meaning it is one of the most versatile plants, and very easy to find a home for in any house!



This ever-popular beauty virtually thrives on being neglected and left to its own devices.

The Monstera is tolerant of low-light but would prefer a well-lit room, place it in a spot where it has lots of room to grow, water it only when the soil is completely dry and make sure you keep it’s leaves polished and clean to help it soak in all the light and you’re good to go!



Probably the first plant everybody gets, the Devil’s Ivy can be beautiful while climbing or from a hanging basket.

It is a fast grower that only needs to be watered about once a week, like the Monstera it is very tolerant of light but will definitely thrive in a well-lit spot, and you will need to make sure you allow it plenty of room to grow too!

The Devil’s Ivy is also great for propagating – so get cutting!


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