Which Flowers are in Season in August


Oh Ranunculus, where to even begin?

So fluffy, so full of love and cuteness and petals! The Ranunculus, or ‘Nunc’ as I like the call them is available in so many beautiful colours. From white to bright yellow, to burgundy, to red, to purple, to pink!

You can get white Nunc’s with purple speckles, you can get beautiful pastel coral tones – honestly, you want it and I’m sure you can get it.

The most versatile blooms, loved for bridal work and adored by all, ladies and gentleman – the Ranunculus!


Venus Protea

I’m not sure if everyone knows and loves all the different ranges of Protea’s available in the flower world like we do, or even knows there is more than one type of Protea, but we are here to tell you that there are SO many and they are SO amazing!

The Venus Protea is a stunning cherry red colour, with white rims around each petal which really makes it one of the boldest Proteas, in our humble opinion. A native like no other, the Venus Protea is tough, great for drying out and preserving or great if you need an extra-long-lasting flower.

Look no further than our beautiful Venus for all your Protea needs.



One of our favourite blooms, Wattle trees start to bloom in August and give us some of the most stunning Wattle flower ever.

Not only do our streets absolutely come to life wherever Wattle trees are planted, it brings our bouquets to life too. Be careful of ordering Wattle if you know someone has allergies though, all that pollen might cause a sneeze or two – but hey, at least our bees are happy!



Another beautiful flower that is also considered a native, Geraldton Wax flower is daisy shaped, small, and available in an array of pinks, purples and whites.

Geraldton Wax is one of our favourite ‘fillers’, adding some extra sweetness to our bunches as each stems contains HEAPS of blooms!



The brightest, happiest, cutest little flowers you’ll ever see!

The Daffodil springs to live in August and we love it! It brings a few of its friends with it too: Erlicheer and Jonquils, that are just as cute and just as sweet.

The Daffodil is a sweet, cost-effective bloom that is super easy to grow, and to find. With a cute buttercup shape, and the warmest shade of yellow around, there’s no wonder why Daffodils are so popular.