Your guide to buying cute AF lingerie for Valentine's Day

If you’re reading this, then it means you’ve been thinking about buying cute AF lingerie for your partner this year (look at you go!). Flowers, lingerie and Valentine’s Day are a perfect match after all. So we’ve teamed up with our newest friends Forever and a Day to bring you this iconic Valentine’s Day gift for your lover to add-on to an of our Valentine's and Galentine's Day flowers.

We know from experience it can be super overwhelming to try and find something that your partner likes and will feel comfy and confident in. We asked some of our own partners how they would go about buying lingerie for us, here’s their genuine responses:

“Uhhhhh, I’d probably just ask you?”
“No f*****g idea” 
“Take a guess and hope for the best!”

So to all of you wondering how you even do this - we see you, we hear you, and we’re here to help! Between us here at HB HQ we’ve seen a few bras in our time, so here’s your Valentine’s Day lingerie guide for all you lovers. 


This honestly sounds like a scene in some Hallmark movie, but we promise you this is gonna be your life hack to nail your valentine’s day gift this year. 

Take a peek and see what your partner already owns. Firstly you’re looking for a number (8,10,12 etc…) and a letter (A,B,C,D,DD etc…) and that’ll give you your sizing. Once you find the magic number, write that down ASAP - you’re gonna need this later

Bonus points: If you know what their favourite bra/underwear is, use that as your guide - it’s a favourite for a reason!


Let’s take a look at the vibe that’s happening here in this drawer: 

If you’re seeing colour, fun patterns and not a beige thing in sight, then we suggest something like the Aubrey set. This is literally one of the cutest sets we ever saw with its pastel ombre colourway, lace detailing and gold star detailing. 

If you can see they’re a fan of the classic blacks, whites, reds (or when in doubt), opt for the Riley set in either black or white.


You’ve found their size and their style, look at you go! But what the hell do 12C and 10D even mean?

To make things easy, all of the sizing for the Forever and a Day sets range from XS to XL. Check out the size guide here and use the table to work out which size is best! We have different sizing available for tops and bottoms as well, because every body is wonderfully different and 9 times out of 10 we’re never the same size top and bottoms. 


They always say communication is key in relationships, so if you’re reaaaaaally stuck, just ask your partner! 

Here's your friendly reminder that you'll need to be organised to add-on one of these gorgeous sets. Pre-order by Wednesday 8th February to avoid missing out! Take a look at our full Valentine's and Galentine's Day flowers and gifts range here.