The answers to all those burning questions you have about this year's Peony Party are right here waiting for you...

“What is Peony Party!?”
In a nutshell - Peony Party is our annual event to celebrate the short but oh-so-sweet Peony Season. This year we have $6 bunches up for grabs, so it's a once a year kinda deal! It’s been a hot minute since we’ve been able to party it up with you all in person (thanks miss rona), but we’re so excited to be able to have all you wonderful Peony lovers back in person this year.

“When and Where is Peony Party?”
This year’s Peony Party is on Sunday 27th November from 11am at 5/169 Beavers Road, Northcote (AKA: HB HQ)

“Is there a limit on how many bunches I can buy?”
To make sure as many people as possible can enjoy Peonies, there is a limit of 1 bunch per person.

“How many stems per bunch?”
Each bunch will have 5 Peony stems.

“Can I just order my Peonies online instead?”
If you can’t wait until the big day to score your Peonies or you can’t make it to the event, never fear! We will have plenty of Peony bunches available on our website to purchase in the lead up to party day. While we aren’t able to offer these bunches at our Peony Party price, we have discounted them to sweeten the deal. Click here to purchase. 

“Do I need a ticket to get in?”
Nope! Anyone and everyone is welcome to join our party!

“How long does it go for?”
The party starts at 11am and will run until we sell out. Peonies are a hot ticket item around here so this isn’t a party you want to be late to!