Most Common Questions About Flowers

How do I care for my flowers?

The best way to care for your flowers is to change the water they are placed in every two days; when you are doing this you should also be cutting the stem of the flower at the base on an angle so that it can absorb as much water as possible.

Another good tip is to store your flowers in a cool and dry place so that the outside weather (or indoor heater) doesn’t affect them!

Are there different flowers for different occasions?

Personally, we don’t like to adhere to any rules when sending flowers to people. We think it is always best to think of the person receiving them and try to give them a bunch they would enjoy – it’s the thought that counts after all.

In Floristry there are a lot of traditional opinions in regards to what flowers should be sent for different occasions, for example; pink for the birth of a girl, blue for the birth of a boy, white and green in the case of a loss, something bright for a birthday, etc. We're the new kids on the block, so goodbye to all that tradition, we say follow your gut!

Why did my flowers die?

There are many things that can contribute to the early death of your cut flowers; were they in direct sunlight, were they outdoors, where they above a heating vent, was the water changed regularly, were they unpacked and taken out of any foam or wet tissue, were the stems cut on an angle before they were placed in water?

When you are caring for your flowers these are all things that you need to consider or do to get the most life out of your blooms as possible, when cared for properly they will look beautiful and fresh longer!

Can women buy men flowers?

YES. Duh. Of course – f*ck toxic masculinity and buy that boy some damn blooms!

Can I dry out my flowers?

Sure! Not all flowers are great for drying out, so many drop their leaves and petals so all you will be left with is bare stems, but it is always fun to experiment!

Flowers that are great for drying are: Roses, Paper Daisy, Baby’s Breath, Misty, Statice, Ferns, Eucalyptus and so many more! Enjoy your flowers until they are fully open, once this happens take them out of water and hang them upside down for a few weeks to help them keep their shape and colour while they dry.

Once they are completely dried out they are yours to enjoy!

Why do my flowers come closed or in bud form?

As florists, we like to ensure that you get the most time out of your cut flowers as possible. This means we like to send them out when they are the most fresh, if you receive Peonies or Lilies that are tight and closed it means they are fresh and you will get the most life out of them – yay!

How long do flowers last?

Every flower is different, so some blooms will die quicker than others. Generally cut flowers last between 5-7 days, however if they are cared for properly you can get a few weeks out of your flowers. Even longer if you dry them out and keep them forever!

What flowers are good if you have allergies?

If you have allergies it is always a good idea to avoid any flowers with pollen or a strong scent. If you are buying flowers for someone with an allergy it is always a good idea to let your florist know.

When can I get Peonies?

Unfortunately, the Peony season is short and sweet. Generally between November and December, so this is the best time to buy Peonies – and also when they will be the cheapest.

However, we do often go through periods where Peonies are available because they are imported from overseas, so it is good to check with your florist to see when this is happening. It usually happens in Winter for a few weeks each time.

What are dried flowers and how long can I keep them/how do I maintain them?

Dried flowers are flowers that were once fresh and have been preserved so that they may last without water indefinitely.