Why We Love Tulips

First of all, Tulips are freaking amazing.

Grab a cushion, have a seat and let us tell you a thing or two about Tulips and why we are constantly putting them in your bunches.

First of all, the colours: Tulips have been grown in almost every colour and colour combination you can think of, from a candy-stripe of pink and white, to Tulips as dark as the night sky.

The Tulip is versatile and one of our favourite Winter blooms.

Not only do they come in beautiful colours, but the different types of Tulips will blow your mind too. Frilled, Parrot and Double Tulips are life-changing and mind-altering, I promise.

Have you ever seen a fully open Frilled Tulip?

The way the petals curl and the frills reach under themselves to create the most beautiful expression; there’s no wonder why Tulips have been revered and featured in the art world so much!

They’re pretty darn magical.

A lot of people are oblivious to why Tulips are so magical, and as florists this puzzles us, but as a normal person I guess I can see why – they’re semi-expensive and to be honest, they don’t look like a whole lot when you first buy them.

But did you know Tulips can last for literally weeks?

Tulips will follow the light and grow when cut

Yep, you read right.

Once a Tulip stem is cut it keeps growing which means when you think your Tulips are “dead” because they’re bending in the vase, they’re actually living their best lives and growing in the water, they’re reaching for the sun and the stars and everything else and expressing that reach through the bends in their stems.

Once you buy your Tulips and pop them into fresh water, you’ll watch the green of the bud turn into a vibrant and strong colour (whether that be pink, yellow, black or purple).

This means the Tulip is getting ready to open, once the bulb is completely saturated in colour it will begin to bloom – the fun part – Tulips aren’t just bulbs of colour, the petals peel open one by one and reveal a beautiful centre of colour.

Once they’ve opened, your tulips will have at least a week of life left!

You’ll watch the colours change and fade as the petals move and drop, it really is a beautiful art form to watch a Tulip through its lifespan.

Tulips often feature in our Market Blooms, see what we picked up today.