Planning Your Wedding Flowers - A Guide On Where To Begin


Now. Let’s talk flowers.

Planning any event obviously comes with a bit of stress, but planning a wedding is probably the most stressful of all. There are a lot of things to consider when planning a wedding, but we're here to talk to you about your flowers.

We find it helps to break the wedding up into sections: Bridal Party, Ceremony, Reception.



Ok, so we get it can be overwhelming and hard to know where to begin.

A great starting point is to set your budget, not just for flowers, but an overall wedding budget will help you then break down where that money will be allocated and what is more important to you.

Once you start to plan and seek quotes for your wedding florals, it's really important to have an idea about what it is you might be looking at getting pricing for (bridal party, ceremony and reception flowers) and what colours and styles you like. Start with a moodboard or a Pinterest board of flowers and share this when you enquire.

Give a description of the theme for your wedding - whether its rustic, modern, romantic, boho, this list is endless!

There is no such thing as too much detail. The more information we receive from you, the better!



This is a great place to start because your bouquet (or the colours and style of bouquets that you like the look of) will carry through to the rest of your wedding flowers.

You might want to consider what kind of bouquets you want for yourself and any bridesmaids (perhaps you want an amazing flower crown instead, or just a large and beautiful buttonhole if you’re a lucky boy walking down the aisle – let it be known though, you would look amazing rocking a navy, velvet suit and the most epic bouquet of all time). You might want to consider if you are having flowergirls/boys/babies/dogs/etc and if you want them to be throwing petals, holding a small posy, wearing a small crown, wearing a floral collar or doing anything at all. As for buttonholes and corsages, that’s really up to you and your partner as well. There are no rules, remember that.


Chapel - Stones of the Yarra Valley


The Ceremony is a bit trickier, there are a lot of variables involved with a ceremony, especially depending on where you hold it. Would you like archway flowers, flowers to be tied to the ends of any pews or chairs lining the aisle, petals down the aisle, petals for your guests to throw? The list and the possibilities are endless. We could flower up a tree, surround you and your partner in a semi-circle of blooms rising from the ground, create a hanging installation, place large arrangements on podiums either side of you, or simply do nothing at all. Look at the space your ceremony is in, ask to see pictures of past weddings and get inspired by your surroundings. Ask your florist what they think would look best and really trust them, they know what they’re doing, I promise.


Reception Venue - Stones of the Yarra Valley


Lastly, the Reception is where it’s all at, where you and your guests will spend the most time, and where you will probably end up spending the most money (sorry! It’s better to warn you now). Table arrangements, garlands, hanging installations, bridal tables, decorated chairs, throwaway bouquets, golden stands with flowers placed atop, a photobooth, staircase florals, bar florals, toilet florals(!!!!), there are so many possibilities, we could go on for days. Have a conversation with your partner about your budget, the amount of guests and tables you have, what you feel you need for the space and most importantly what you want. Bring all of your ideas, along with the numbers, to your florist and see what they can suggest for you.


Again, it is so important to set a budget, or at least have a figure in mind of what you would like to spend on the florals. It is really hard for us florists to give a quote when the couple won’t tell us what they want to spend. There is absolutely no judgement, and really all we want at the end of the day is for you to be happy and have the most magical day of your life. So don’t be afraid and tell us what we have to work with so we can get you the most out of it.

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