Pot Colour Guide

Your new plant babies, whether they're a gift for a friend or for yourself, deserve a pot that's as cute as they are!

Our pots are quality ceramic and come in a range of different colours to suit everyone and every home! With a 120mm height, these pots are the perfect size to pop on a desk, shelf, coffee table, in the bathroom...the list goes on! 

Need some help choosing which colour pot will complement your plant baby (and your decor)? We're here to help you perfect the art of gifting!

For something soft, our lovely light ‘Grey’ is a nice addition to any plant and won’t disappoint!

Wanting a more feminine touch? We have you covered! Our gorgeous light ‘Pink’ is the perfect pot colour to show your love towards someone special.

For somethin’ a little different, our ‘Sandy Grey’ and ‘Sandy Pink’ are beautiful textured pots with a slight rough finish. Just as the name suggests, these pots transport you to the sandy beaches. The colours are washed out versions of the originals, with black speckles throughout just like you would find in the warm summer beach sand. 

Our beloved mint ‘Green’ is finally back, hooray!! For a more masculine gift or for all those green lovers out there, this is the pot for you. 

If you simply can’t decide on a colour, we don’t blame you. Our simple ‘Black’ and ‘White’ pots are a classic and will suit a range of spaces. These sleek pots are also very suitable for the minimalist and modern homes. The ‘White’ pot is perfect to send as a sympathy gift.

Do you know what style of home your recipient has? Is it coastal, country or chic?

For coastal homes we recommend either our ‘White’ or textured pots including ‘Sandy Grey’ and ‘Sandy Pink’.

For modern spaces, whether it is at work or more commonly nowadays your home office, we suggest keeping it simple with ‘Black’ or ‘White’.

Have a colour vibe already going in your room? Or maybe you're wanting to start? Look no further than the gorgeous ‘Pink’ or mint ‘Green’ pot to add a pop of colour.

Almost any of our pots will suit a country style home, however we believe ‘Grey’ or mint ‘Green’ will compliment the environment best.

Shop our range of plants here and start bringing a little greenery into your space!

Please note: These ceramic pots are fully sealed meaning they don’t have any drainage. Your new plant baby will be just fine to keep growin’ in the plastic tub inside the pot. 


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