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Are you looking for the perfect bunch of flowers? Do you have a birthday to celebrate? Perhaps a promotion? A big event? Maybe you just want to let someone know you’re thinking of them. Whatever the reason, if you need flowers in Deer Park East, or anywhere else in Melbourne, keep reading, because we’re going to you about some of our favourite bunches here at Hello Blooms and just how easy it is to order from us.

First up, we couldn’t possibly talk about our favourite flower bunches without bringing up the Little Bunch. We love this bunch of flowers because it’s where we got started and it’s stunning. This fresh flower bunch is made from the flowers and foliage that we hand select from our local suppliers each morning. And each day we come up with a brilliant new design because like no two days are the same neither is our haul of flowers. We pour a whole lotta love into these bunches and send them on their way. It’s also one of our smaller bunches and super affordable with prices starting at just $42!

Another bunch we can’t help but fall in love with every day would have to be our Florist Bunch. The reason we love this one is that our florists get to show off their creativity and flair and create something marvellous each time. Each of our florists have their signature touches and you can even submit some suggestions and requests and we’ll do our best to accommodate. Our Florist Choice also means that you trust us to come up with something spectacular and that gets us excited.

One of our favourite bunches is actually available in two sizes – standard or deluxe – and in two different colour palettes – vibrant or bright – and that is the Colour Pop. You know those people that instantly light up a room that they enter? Well, this is the flower bunch equivalent. We create a bunch based on your colour palette preference and then we wrap it in a crisp white wrapping to get those colours popping! It really is a spectacular bunch perfect for any occasion.

Another fave isn’t actually a flower bunch, but rather our indoor plants. We know that some people aren’t as fond of flowers as we are – hard to believe we are – but you know what? Plants are perfect for celebrating the special occasions too. We’ve got a whole heap of different plants and pots that you can get them delivered anywhere in Melbourne in too. Check out our range of plants.

And we’ve also got a collection of gifts and goodies that you can add to your plant or flower bunches delivery. Think candles, chocolate, cocktails, doughnuts, crystals, puzzles, balloons and much more. Grab as many goodies as you like too – we won’t stop you and they will love it! Check out our gift collection here.

Now that you know what we’ve got, let’s talk about how you’re going to get it! We deliver from Monday to Saturday every week and all over Melbourne – even making our way to Deer Park East for only a little bit extra. We can do same-day delivery if you need your plants and flowers stat, and we also take pre-orders, so you can place an order for future date and we’ll sort it our for you. You can pay using AfterPay and you can join our loyalty program for free – oh and did we mention that we have the best flowers, plants and gifts in Melbourne?

So, what are you waiting for? Place your order now. Oh, and give us a follow on Facebook and/or Instagram for the latest news and goss from team HB.

We’ll see you soon Deer Park East!